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Staying ahead in the ever-changing food and beverage industry, the foods we eat are always evolving at a rapid pace with new advances in technology, workplace trends and consumer preferences. Therefore, people are easily falls sick, weak body immune, diagnose with chronic disease/ cancer these due to indulgence eating habits and unhealthy lifestyle. In fact, we shouldn’t take this for granted and we need to start aware about our body health and start from making a good change of lifestyle.
Food energy nutrition for sub-health
The rigid thinking of diet meal will be raw food diet, starving or tasteless food. In this program, we will teach you how to prepare a balance food energy diet in simple and easy preparation to maintain a good health.
Weak in particular body system, overweight/obesity, malnutrition, weak metabolism, low immunity & seek for a good diet health.
Learn the right whole food diet plan 3 Main food groups nutrition (Protein, Carbohydrates, Fat) Food energy diet for targeted unhealthy body system Self-healing from food energy diet Learn to manage Family diet health 60% online 40% hand-on action Modern & simple food prep methods.
3 days course :
A soft copy high food energy recipes 1 month group coaching 2 days online – 2.5 hours/day + 1 day hand-on DIY cooking – 4 hours.
A soft copy high food energy recipes 1 month group coaching.

Hybrid learning method and small group teaching 
  1. Hand-on class ingredients (80% DIY cooking items)
  2. Personal quantum health scan check before and after + consultation
  3. DIY cooking menu recipes soft copy

Detox, short for detoxification, refers to the process of eliminating toxins from the body. It can be achieved through various methods, such as following a specific diet, consuming detoxifying beverages, practicing fasting, or using certain supplements. While the concept of detox has gained popularity in recent years, it is important to approach it with a critical and evidence-based mindset.
5 DAYSprogram
Our detox and digestive programs are a total holistic approach which targets to rejuvenate the liver, kidney, lung, stomach and intestines to able function it own detoxification and digestion system.
Weak in body detox system, weight loss, underweight, sub-health disease, allergy, unhealthy eating lifestyle & seek for a healthy gut.
Elimination of toxins Enhancing organ function Boosting energy and vitality Supporting weight loss and healthy lifestyle Promoting healthier habits and positive emotion Improve metabolism and immune Detox & digestive recipe (pre, on and post) 60% practical 40% learning Simple & Natural detox methods
5 days program :
1 virtual meeting for prep detox + 1 detox
class + 1 digestion class
1 month group coaching

  1. Online learning method and small group teaching
  2. Detox food ingredients and material (Supply 80% detox items)
  3. Personal quantum health scan check before and after + consultation
  4. Detox menu recipes soft copy

A vegetarian health program is a dietary plan designed specifically for individuals who follow a vegetarian lifestyle, which excludes the consumption of meat and sometimes other animal products. A well-planned vegetarian diet can provide all the necessary nutrients for good health and can offer several potential health benefits. Vice versa, is common that being vegetarian couldn’t have the right balance diet nutrition in daily meals especially the nutrition of Protein, Iron, Vitamin B-12, Calcium and Vitamin D, Omega 3. If there is deficiency of these nutrients the body will face malnutrition and cause many health issues
Therefore, a balanced nutrition vegetarian diet should include a variety of plant-based foods to ensure an adequate intake of essential nutrients. This includes fruits, vegetables, whole grains, legumes, nuts, and seeds
Wish to learn about vegetarian diet nutrition, as a
vegetarian, gluten intolerance, rejuvenate body cell
with plant based & seek for meatless diet health.
Learn having the right plant based nutrition as a vegetarian The myth of being vegetarian How to live a healthier life being a vegetarian
Understand the food energy pyramid Consume plant based to reduce body inflammation and enhance immunity 60% online 40% hand-on action Modern & simple delicious vege-plant prep methods.
vegetarian health diet
3 days course :
A soft copy vegetarian recipes 1 month group coaching.

  1. Hybrid learning method and small group teaching
  2. Vegetarian food ingredients and material (Supply 80% DIY cooking items)
  3. Personal quantum health scan check before and after + consultation
  4. DIY Cooking menu recipes soft copy

Stress management is crucial for maintaining overall well-being and leading a healthy and productive life. In fact, is it not just affect our
physical health as well as our mental health. The consequences could be affect your productivity and performance in work or life, imbalance emotion, relationships breakdown (family and friends), low-self esteem and confidence, demotivated life.
In this course, we are focused on using Master Eve breathing techniques and aromatherapy as the fundamental to help strengthen the mind and calming down the anxious as part of healing. We will guide student to self-healing as an alternative medicine.
Mental challenge, nervous life, mood swings, irritability, difficulty in concentration, unstable blood pressure, difficult in breathing, weak immune, negative thought, demotivated life.

Practice deep diaphragmatic breathing Slower breath and cell rejuvenate Learn holistic self-healing in control own mental and emotion
Improve work performance Reducing anxious & unstoppable thoughts Improved relationship and communication Happy, freedom and positive life
Attract positive energy and aura Healthier body, mind and soul.

2 months course :

2 months personal + group coaching 1 quantum health check after Biweekly program (6 session online + 2 session offline)
2 months personal + group coaching
1 quantum health check after

2 months mental health and breathing class Biweekly class (6 sessions online + 2 sessions offline)
Group coaching
Personal quantum health scan x 2 sessions Master Eve private consultation
Teacher Timy – DIY aromatherapy class/
 T&C Apply
Bonus Value
FREE 1 Pass – Power of Aroma & Chakras ( 1 gift pack approx 25 types of essential oil )

Science tells us that over 80% of the population is breathing wrong. Many people do not realize that over 150 modern chronic diseases have one common root cause which is insufficient cell oxygenation. Research and studies found that a person who in stress is linked to poor breathing habits and many modern chronic conditions. Nirvana fitness breathing is a system that will teach you how to breathe correctly through a series of functional toning pilates/ yoga/qigong/stretching, leading you to a slower and deeper daily breathing pattern (diaphragmatic with prolonged exhalation) that will replace your shallow “default” breathing.

6 months

Weak metabolism, sedentary working life, muscle tension, inflexibility, joint pain, burnout syndrome, weight loss, chronic disease, difficulty in breathing & seek calm and slow intense exercise.

Natural way to eliminate stress, anxiety, chronic pain and depression, detox body and mind & prolong lifespan through
sufficient daily oxygenation A super effective blend of pilates toning exercises & yoga stretching to tone up and Detox your whole body
Rhythmic breathing to mesmerizing Chillout music with Nirvana Thetawave technoloy.


  • Lead by Evefitpro certified coach team :
  • Master Eve, Yap C.L. & Vivian Chew
  • Weekly Sunday class
  • 6 months virtual class
  • Quantum health check X 2 sessions
  • Group monitoring

  • 6 months class pass membership
  • Every Sunday online 8am – 9am
  • Group fitness consultation
  • Fitness Breathing master class video recording
  • 2 x Personal quantum health scan


             BONUS VALUE
  • FREE Extend 1 Month Membership
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